Week 2 reflection by Shinta PK

I want to share about my reflection of PETA course in 2nd week. It’s about the effective and ineffective things at the lesson.

The effective things:

1. I learning about “understanding learning” with my groups. It’s really interested and really meaningful because we can know the meaning of understanding learning through analysis and discussions. The analysis was happening when we were trying to understand the vignette and then after we understand the contains of the vignette, we did discussions with our groups. This way is really effective to give deep understanding about “understanding learning”.

2. In the middle of the lesson, I watch video about the example of using tematik in teaching. From that video, I can understand that fun learning is important but understanding learning is more important. Some times, fun learning not give students chance to have high order thinking. But through understanding learning, students are offered chance to have higher order thinking. The video was the best way to show us an example of ineffective learning.

3. At the last time, I learn about how to create a students activity by using backwards method. From Ms. Tika’s explanation, I know the first thing I have to do to create student activity is determining the goals of the lessons. Then developing the goals into the indicator and designing assessment way. Finally, I can design a students activity from the goals and the assessment way.

The ineffective things:

I see an ineffective things from the lessons at the 2nd week, that is about class preparation. Like as: DVD Driver, Sound system, and LCD.

I think that’s all of my reflection. I’m waiting for your comments, friends! Don’t be hesitate to give me any comments.. šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Week 2 reflection by Shinta PK

  1. Dear Mbak Shinta,

    As the other posts, mostly told us that the video showed us about ineffective of teaching process. I agree with that, because She (the teacher) never gave the students to think critically. At the first time, I thought that it was wonderful video because the teacher explained clearly. But, after Ms. Tika telling us that there was no higher order thinking fulfillment, I just be conscious that the video didn’t show us the best way of teaching. It was unpredictable for me…hee…

  2. Ineffective thing that happen last week maybe too technically. Because Ms Tika prepare the class alone, and technical problem about time maybe make me and she also confuse. Actually I’m happy with that course, we learn so much right? If I can said, the last week preparation is better that 2 week before, because animation power point not too much and make she confuse.

    About the activity, Jigsaw make us more understanding about understanding learning, right? We never aware about this, we also thing if the student remember the way to solve a problem we said they are understanding the problem. By the running time we will learn so much about this case. Happy Learning! šŸ™‚

  3. halo, m ba shin…
    I think I like your reflection, especially when you say that a teacher must be creative in creating student activity.
    in the other word, teacher is a designer. as the teacher candidates we are expected to be creative teacher to teach our student with the effective method,,,
    and we will learn more in this course….
    so be spirit….. :):)

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